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Best Link Ever! Cookin’ with Coolio

by Karen Archey on September 11, 2009

POST BY KAREN ARCHEY Screencapture AFC SHAKA-ZULU!!! So yells 90′s rap phenomenon Coolio in his televised culinary exploits–a recent favorable jump on the cooking show bandwagon. Recipient of this week’s Best Link Ever, My Damn Channel‘s Cookin’ with Coolio features the hip hop star preparing hood-influenced cuisine, helped by a sidekick, a gaggle of hot […]

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A Not-Worksafe End to Peter Coffin’s Sneak into a Museum Project!

by Karen Archey on August 24, 2009

POST BY KAREN ARCHEY Sean Capone‘s “Universal approach to getting in anywhere you want” While the above image may represent our favorite drawing of Peter Coffin’s “Sneak into a Museum Without Paying” project, it also depicts exactly what you SHOULDN’T do! I’m not just referring to doing blow off your coworker’s dick! Unfortunately, the submission […]

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Best Link Ever! Parker Koo Ito’s Artist Statement

by Karen Archey on August 21, 2009

POST BY KAREN ARCHEY Parker Koo Ito, Artist Statement, 2009; screengrab AFC “You want fame?” a yappy looking dog asks. A doe-eyed baby responds, “It’s yours for the taking.” I don’t know what kind of fucked up art world-meets-the Matrix-meets-H.R. Pufnstuf kind of universe Parker Koo Ito‘s Artist Statement, (2009) exists in, but I certainly […]

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Time Out New York Takes on Guess Her Muff!

by Karen Archey on August 18, 2009

POST BY KAREN ARCHEY Photographs by Stephanie Gussin for Time Out New York Are there no nude models over the age of 30 working in New York City? David Levitz’ series for Time Out New York, “NYC Art-School Models: Clothed, Nude, and Interviewed” would have us believe so, conveniently featuring nude photos of generally attractive […]

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[Sponsor] Sontag’s Promised Lands Screens at Light Industry This Tuesday

by Karen Archey on August 17, 2009

Susan Sontag at home. Image via: the Brooklyn Museum Brooklyn’s Light Industry hosts the un-missable screening of Susan Sontag’s Promised Lands this Tuesday, August 18th at 7:30 pm. Shot during the Arab-Israeli conflict of October 1973, the film represents the essayist’s third and reportedly most personal cinematic effort. Promised Lands, evincing Sontag’s feelings on contemporary […]

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Art Fag City at Map Magazine: Karen Archey Reviews The New Easy

by Art Fag City on August 17, 2009

Karen Archey reviews The New Easy at Artnews Projects in Berlin for the UK-based Map Magazine. The teaser below. How easy can you get? Curated by Dutch performance artist Lars Eijssen, The New Easy combines a zeitgeist-appropriate curatorial statement with a solid line-up of emerging artists. Claiming that all work in the exhibition appears to […]

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Reminder! Art Fag “Moneybags” City Invites You to Sneak into a Museum with Peter Coffin!

by Karen Archey on August 12, 2009

POST BY KAREN ARCHEY AFC Editor-in-Chief Paddy Johnson, Self portrait as Moneybags Johnson 2009. Ink on paper Don’t forget to send your submission for Peter Coffin’s “Sneak into a Museum” project! As we’ve only received a handful of submissions, we’re extending our deadline for another week to Friday, August 21st. Is your lackluster response because […]

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Mona Lisa Almost Gets Wet, Causes Cultural Pant Pissing

by Karen Archey on August 11, 2009

POST BY KAREN ARCHEY The crowd salivating over Mona Lisa at the Louvre, image via Wikipedia Splish splash, was Mona Lisa havin’ a bath?! Despite some histrionic reports about the Mona Lisa “narrowly escaping” destruction by a renegade tea cup thrown by a disgruntled Russian woman denied French citizenship, the painting is indeed alright thanks […]

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Itinerant MCA Chicago Staff Can’t Stay Put

by Karen Archey on August 10, 2009

POST BY KAREN ARCHEY View of the Kleihues-designed MCA Chicago building via: Wikipedia Over the last couple years, there has been a bizarrely steady and massive exodus from the top posts at MCA Chicago. The latest is MCA Chief Curator Elizabeth Smith—known for her 2004 excavation of forgotten artist Lee Bontecou’s work—who announced she will […]

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Zin Taylor’s The Bakery of Blok at Miguel Abreu Gallery

by Karen Archey on August 10, 2009

POST BY KAREN ARCHEY Zin Taylor The Bakery of Blok installation view. Image via Miguel Abreu Gallery. What gravity could the now-archaic process of bread making have in analyzing cultural phenomena? Zin Taylor's debut solo exhibition at Miguel Abreu Gallery manages to make this unexpected reference work, providing a few dynamic visual allusions slightly burdened […]

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